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More Than 20 Years of Experience in Successfully Designing, Implementing, and Moderating Collaboration Beyond Various Kinds of Borders.

For Future Mobility ...

... That Will Autonomously, Seamlessly, Comfortably, Efficiently, Safely Bring People to Their Destinations.

For Livable, Smart, Responsive Future Cities That Will Be Co-Planned, Co-Designed, and Co-Managed by All Their Stakeholders.

For Regenerative Sustainability Bringing Balance to the Environment and Its Ecosystem Services.

For Digital Industries That Have People in Their Focus at All Times.

For World-Connecting Technologies on Duty in Our Planet's Orbits to Keep Track and Build and Drive Better Infrastructures.

For Missions That Bring Us to Other Destinations in Space to Expand Our Understanding of the Universe.

For Finding and Utilising Most Beneficial Space Resources.

To Build Synergies Beyond Functional, Organisational, Geographic or Other Borders to Commonly Work On a Bright Future for Earth, Society, and Life.

Process Moderator, Stakeholder Advocate, Competence Integrator, Benefit Designer, and Synergy Developer

Facilitating cooperation beyond functional, organisational, geographic, or other borders

Empowering needed beneficial innovation by joint and interdisciplinary efforts on mutual and related goals of different industries and sectors

Nico Marzian

“Man in the Middle” situated in Frankfurt, Germany. Strategist with more than twenty years of industrial experience, a proven design-minded approach, expertise in collaboration beyond all kinds of borders and stakeholder integration in value-oriented processes of progress.

Industry 4.0 (or the Industrial Internet of Things) is about interconnecting industrial processes via digital networks enhanced by integrated value-added applications.
As such processes are still not and will not so soon (if ever) be fully automated but rather heavily relying on manpower, there is no way that people in those areas with a multitude of beneficial contributions to make should not be wired likewise. This will be the essence of Work 4.0 and Society 4.0, too.

Without “People in the Middle” (i.e. “Women and Men in the Middle”) to bring all contributors together, assisting, inspiring and thereby empowering them in various ways, this would be difficult to achieve.

Main Areas of Expertise Covered

Strategy, Conception & Design Lead

Communication & Message Creation

Relationship Management

Collaboration Management

Blog Articles

Making the Invisible Visible with AR

Augmented Reality, or AR for short, will change how we experience, measure, interpret and understand our world and also how we interact with it. Here are only some of the scenarios likely ahead.

Do Autonomous Vehicles Need to Decide in Ethically Difficult Situations?

While Autonomous Driving is still discussed in terms of vehicles deciding on life and death in emergency situations, it will rather be smart and interconnected traffic infrastructure and complementary technological systems preventing such emergency situations in the first place. Interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration are key to establish the needed solutions.

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Frankfurt, Germany